Reiki Training Courses

Your Guide to Reiki 

Usui Shiki Ryoho  I remember the first time I heard of Reiki, it was in 1987 whilst attending a meditation class.  Regular speakers would come along and talk on different subjects and that evening it was Reiki.  Reiki was relatively unheard of then and was an exclusive training mainly to the price. To train in Reiki 1 cost around £2,000.00! So as the talk commenced the words just flew over my head, after all! It was out of my reach!  Little did I know that Reiki would have such a profound affect on my life!

Reiki evolved very quickly and the price was reduced dramatically!  I am sure Dr Usui will be smiling down on this little planet to see what we have made of his wonderful gift to us!

The conception of Reiki came through Dr Usui, but it was Dr Chujiro Hayashi whom put Reiki into the format that we know now.   The war was about to begin and Dr Hayashi wished to share Reiki with as many as possible. With Higher guidance Reiki became a method of hands on healing which could be passed on to others easily! The method he devised was through the process of attunements.

In 1995 Reiki came back into my life I was already a Spiritual Healer, working with colour and crystals, I was developing my clairvoyance and mediumistic abilities.  Some friends of mine where going to a talk on Reiki, so I thought I would go along!  It sounded wonderful, but I had a very strong resistance to train as a Reiki Healer! Why? Well I was already a healer! We are all natural healers it’s just a matter of focusing your energy on that which you wish to expand, and working with it.  Just as anything in life!  If you want to learn a trade you will have to learn the techniques and spend time learning and using the information you receive.

So after much resistance within myself, I decided at the last minute to join my friends and take Reiki 1 Training! And I am so glad that I did, Reiki transformed my life!


 ♥ So what is the difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing?

♥ All healing comes from the Source, in Reiki we call it Universal Energy The Universal Life Force! Available for all!

♥ There are two main differences in the way that you give healing they are:

  1. When you first learn Reiki, hands are placed gently on the body, the Universal Life Force flows directly through you, into the body healing the physical first, and then filters out through the aura, or energy bodies, cleansing and healing.
  2. When you give Spiritual Healing you work mainly in the aura, directing and channelling the Universal Life Force.  This Life Force works through the aura or energy field, to cleanse and heal, until it reaches the physical body.


The main difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing, is the attunements you receive in the Training Courses.  For Reiki 1 you will receive 4 attunements.  What is this for?

Think of yourself as a Channel for healing. Imagine that you have a tube of white light coming along your spine, going into the earth, and up to your higher charkas, through your crown chakra to your Higher Self.  The diameter of your tube determines the amount of Life Force that flows through you! When you receive attunements, the diameter of this tube expands with each attunement opening your heart, hands and crown charkas.  So that when you give healing, more life force and flow through you!  The opening of your charkas never closes down again.  To receive the full benefits of Reiki you are required to use it, as you give healing so you receive healing, this wonderful energy flows through you bringing  peace, unconditional love and harmony.

THREE WEEK CLEANSE  -  Reiki come in three levels:              Reiki 1, Reiki 11 and Masters.

Reiki 1 works on the physical level, upon receiving the attunement you automatically release any old karmic issues which are ready to be released.  Your whole body and energy field is raised onto a higher vibration, and for 3 weeks you go through an automatic cleanse! No trying necessary, you find yourself not wanting to eat chocolate of habitual things, often people decide to give up smoking or change their diet. You feel amazing! Old thoughts pass through you, but you do not need to react to them as they seem to loose their emotional attachment.  This 3 week cleanse happens after each level or attunement.  Reiki 11 works on the emotional body and Reiki 111 or Masters, opens the heart to become more in alignment with your Higher Self and vibrating with the frequency of unconditional love.


Reiki 1 is for self healing and sharing with family! It really is YOUR TIME TO HEAL! So take advantage of this wonderful gift of transformation!

Reiki 11 clears old emotional issues, preparing you to help others and go out more in the world with your gift. Use Reiki as an addition to any therapy you already use! Just think Reiki and it flows!

Reiki Mastersis a time to become one with yourself, it is very subtle and totally heart centred, moving you into a space of deeper compassion for all Beings.  Often these days Reiki Masters is spilt into two parts. The first part consists of the attunements, additional symbols and other concepts taught with Master, Part 2 will be the Teacher Training Course. I have always taught the two together.


In a very short time Reiki has spread and changed. Now there are many various forms of Reiki, the Reiki I have explained here it the Traditional Usui Reiki, as bought through by Dr Usui. If you look for certain guidelines when choosing your teacher it will help.  Reiki is sometimes advertised as taking Reiki 1 & 11 together! Or Special Price for two course together, or different forms of Reiki such as Karuna and traditional taught together! I would advise to avoid this if possible.

WHY? After taking Reiki 1 you have a big clearing, it takes up to 3 months to integrate the energy and the teaching of this module, to heal yourself and practice on family. If you take 1 & 11 together all the emotions surface and the energy can be overpowering for some people, they may feel mixed up and confused!

If you love yourself, or would like to, give yourself the space and time you need to heal! Each level brings big changes – for the better – but in our human forms we require time to integrate the energy and adjust to it.


  1. Does your teacher have any other spiritual understanding, i.e. Spiritual Healing etc; are they qualified in any other therapy?
  2. How do they talk about Reiki? Is it with love, or are they pushing it, to get you to come when your not sure? Who’s in charge here you or them? Reiki comes from the heart not to line the pocket.
  3. Price: You may think that the cheaper the better? But what sort of quality teaching will you be receiving, and how many are in the group.  A teacher of integrity often charges more as they have smaller groups up to say 8, or give 1 to 1 training course.  They often have a way of life which follows as many of the Reiki Principles as possible.
  4. Where is the course held? Sometimes they are held in colleges, which are good but make sure that you can talk to your teacher first, it’s good to meet your teacher and see if you feel in attunement with them.
  5. If you teacher has been working spiritually for some time, their energy field will be clearer, and they will hold a deep sense of peace within their energy field. If you do not feel comfortable with the teacher, keep looking and wait for the right teacher for you.
  6. As a general rule there is a time gap between each module.  Between Reiki 1 & Reiki 11 at least 3 months; Reiki 11 and Masters at least 6 months.
  7. Lineage- Ask your teacher if they have a copy of the Linage descending from Dr Usui, they may just say “Yes or No”, Yes is the answer you require of course, the closer to Dr Usui the better.


I honour the place in you

In which the entire universe dwells

I honour the place in you

Which is of love, of truth, of light, and peace

When you are in that place in you,

And I am in that place in me

We are one

 I hope this helps you along your path.  Reiki has transformed my life and I give great thanks to Dr Usui for bringing it to the earth plane. I took Reiki 1 in 1995 and completed my Master in 1997. I now have my own School of Vibrational Healing, teaching Reiki along with other Vibrational healing methods of Crystals, Colour and Sound.