Sound Waves


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Learn New Skills! …..    Whilst transforming your life….. with Sound!!!

Literally Shift Frequencies

♥ Create a Vision for your Future   ♥ Manifestation & Self Awareness

♥ Create a Vision for your Future  ♥ Increase your ‘Self Confidence’

♥ Learn how to play Tibetan Singing Bowls

♥ Toning through the Chakras for Self Healing

♥ Gong Bath with 32”Platonic the Year Gong

♥ Move into the Higher Dimensions with the Gong

♥ Connect with your Higher Self – for Empowerment

SOUND is a frequency, which heals through resonation! Find out more about Sound Healing  -  Learn to play Tibetan Singing Bowls !  Toning through the chakras is a tool to use at home for self healing enabling you to be more confident, express yourself clearly – bringing a deeper sense of the soul and self empowerment.

Transforming your reality and bringing this transformation into everyday life!  If you would like to feel more confident this workshop is for you!

Contact: Dee Banton International School of Vibrational Healing