White Buffalo Calf Women

Return of the Rainbow Warriors

At this Special Time 2012 approaching the Solstice 21st December 2012, people are gathering around the world to connect as one, to remember who you are, to give Blessings to Mother Earth and All Sentient Beings

The Time is Now! Calling all Rainbow Warriors!  Create your own Ceremony for this Sacred Event, 2012 Is the beginning of the Golden Age, the coming together of all Nations, all Tribes, and all Nationalities!

As a child I heard Indians on horseback charging past my house, and found it hard to relate to life and how I fitted in to it all, which left me feeling out of place and time, but happy in my own world.

I was remembering previous incarnations, many of us do, and as we grow up we receive glimpses and visions of previous lives, triggered by people, locations, time.

In Oct 2005, a friend and I left for an adventure to America, to visit the Sacred Mountain, and Base Chakra, Mount Shasta, the home of the Ascended Masters and Saint Germain.  It really was an amazing spiritual journey and time of reconnection with soul aspects of myself.  We travelled from San Francisco to Mount Shasta in a large loop, camping under the Redwoods, arriving at Mount Shasta with 3ft of snow! And AH! The Mountain was just Miraculous! A wonder to behold! We stayed in a small retreat, the lodgings, which we had to ourselves, was build into the earth, as you looked out of the window, the view was just above the earth.

That night I dreamed White Buffalo Calf Women, I was in a bowl in the earth, and she was looking in, her long hair dangling down, I asked her name, and she said, White Buffalo Calf Women.”

Many memories from past lives came back to me on that visit; the land was talking to me.  Our trip was slightly diverted because of the snow, but we managed to reach the sacred mountain and lake “Crater Lake.”

As we were driving to the base of the mountains I began again having visions, and I saw rainbows flooding into me and around me.  I know that I had an incarnation in this place, and I saw a tribe of Indians making their way up the mountain, I was one of the tribe.

I was being told of the Prophecy, of the time when the Sacred White Buffalo was born, which was now, to show the beginning of time when all tribes would re-unite.  The tribe gathered around Crater Lake showing me a representation of the reunion of the all men & women.

I was being reminded of my purpose at this moment in time and created a ceremony as directed by White Buffalo Calf Women for the Equinox on 22nd Sept 2012.

You can watch the video here: Click here

Crystal Skulls – Sedona – Sacred White Buffalo

In 2007 a flyer popped up on my computer screen advertising a Crystal Skull Workshop, it was a picture of the Mitchell Hedges Skull, which I had first met in 1997 at a conference with Anna Mitchell Hedges.

The Skull spoke to me and for at least 15 mins I was in another dimension.  As if just waking up, I knew immediately I was going! I called some friends and told them, and they said they were coming too! Within 24hrs we were all booked up to go!

So the amazing adventure of life continues to unfold.  Hundreds of skulls gathered together in Angel Valley with the Mitchell Hedges Skull, another sign of the gathering of the tribe, the Rainbow Warriors.  The Skulls bought us together to heal, to remember to restore!

Those 4 days are a story in themselves, but for the White buffalo it was just beginning. The event finished and a lady arrived out of the blue and told me of White Spirit Ranch, where there were 7 Sacred White Buffalo, we made this our next stop.

As we approached the Ranch we were all overwhelmed with love, tears welling up, knowing that we were privileged to be there.  We spent some time there with the White Buffalo giving blessings for this very special gift.

By the time I arrived back in the UK, I felt as if I was a living story, of the prophecy, in the visions and experiences, from my visit and teaching from White Buffalo Calf Women.

I received a call from a friend whom arrived on my doorstep, with musical instruments and a recording deck.  We shared our different musical ways, which were extreme, mine simple chanting and drum, and Patrick’s layers of exciting music.  What evolved was quite amazing, after three days of playing and sharing, we created the story of the Rainbow Warrior, beginning in fast rhythmic music, ending in simple drumming with the story narration.  I taught Patrick how to do and Indian Chant.  When we played the track back we found, he was chanting MY mothers name! Patrick and I ended up travelling, unknown to each other where we where, but recently we have connected again, after both being away on the other side of the world, and we have both ended up, back here in the UK.  The music is still on the 8 track, maybe one day it will be ready to share with you!

I hope you like my story, which is just a tiny glimpse into my life and connection with White Buffalo Calf Women, and the magical way we are taught by our I Am Presence and directed in every moment!