Welcome to the International School of Vibrational Healing

Welcome to the International School of Vibrational Healing. We offerCourses and Workshops in: SOUND - CRYSTALS - COLOUR - REIKI - ASCENDED MASTERS - CRYSTAL SKULLS & MORE....


  • Group Sound Healing

    Group Sound Healing

    Video: Monthly Group
  • Light Transmission CD

    Light Transmission CD

    Sound Healing Video
  • Return of the Rainbow Warriors

    Return of the Rainbow Warriors

    Equninox Ceremony Avebury 2012
  • Intro to ISVH

    Intro to ISVH

    About the School by Dee
  • Divine Temple CD

    Divine Temple CD

    Video Sample of CD
  • Diamond Heart Ceremony 9.12.12

    Diamond Heart Ceremony 9.12.12

    Hong Kong Activation of the Diamond Heart
  • Reiki 1 & 2

    Reiki 1 & 2

    Booking Form
  • Crystal Therapy

    Crystal Therapy

    Prospectus & Booking Form
  • Reiki Masters

    Reiki Masters

    Introduction & Booking Form
  • Sound Therapy

    Sound Therapy

    Prospectus & Booking Form
  • Rune Chants

    Rune Chants

    Lu & Lottie Crop Circle 2012
  • Yatesbury C.Circle

    Yatesbury C.Circle

    Lu & Dee 2012
  • Theres the Moon!

    Theres the Moon!

    Lu & Dee C.Circle 2012
  • Orbs


    Orbs over C.Circle
  • The Moon Rising

    The Moon Rising

    Moon Rise over Crop Circle over Hackpen Hill
  • Jugglers Lne, Yatesbury

    Jugglers Lne, Yatesbury

    C.Circle 17.07.12
  • Hackpen Hill

    Hackpen Hill

    C.Circle 26.08.12
  • Hill Barn – East Kennett

    Hill Barn – East Kennett

    C.Circle 26th July 2012  
  • Circle


    East Kenntt
  • Hill Barn, East Kennet

    Hill Barn, East Kennet

    C.Circle 26.06.12