Peace Portal Activation – Worldwide

Trust your Being Guided!
I am back in Hong Kong now, sharing with my family of light here. After intuitively arranging a Light Language with sound workshop for 25th Aug, I AM now aware that on 25th Aug a planetary PORTAL OF PEACE will appear be created, a Grand Sextile and a a Cardinal Cross of Pluto, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter!
This has also been shown to us in this years crop circles!
I am just always amazed, that my masters and Skull family continue to guide and create my life, placing me exactly where i need to be!
So we must remember, just to trust and follow our guidance!
This portal is a
PEACE PORTAL!! and if you do not already know about it, please take a moment where ever you are in the world to connect to this amazing energy, and channel & ground this portal onto the earth plane.
Group will be joining in meditation! join us all in thought and connect!!
Please pass this all and lets download this new grid of Peace.
the last time I was here was for 12.12.12 Activation, again, guided and always so amazed how life just flows is beautiful!
From Hong Kong, we share the grid with you in UK and around the world.

Dee will be offering: Workshop & Therapies

at the The Guidance Light, Old Bailey St, Hong Kong.

(previously The New Age Shop)

I am looking forward to my visit to Hong Kong this year and the familiar faces of my friends and clients!
Please do come along and say hello! The premises have moved upstairs, and I will be around to meet you and to say hello!

I will have a new mobile number when I arrive in HK and will forward this on to you all! In the meantime you can contact me via email at:, or contact The Guidance Light (formally The New Age Shop), where you can make enquires for my workshops and private session, and make a booking.

Dee set up the International School of Vibrational Healing in 2002 and is now offering life changing workshops & courses, attended by people from around the globe!  Dee will be offering Clairvoyant Readings combined with Aura Soma Tarot  an Individual Sessions: DNA Repatterning & Sound Healing.

 Thurs Aug 22nd 7.30 – 9.00

Sound – Guided Meditation –Clairvoyance & Colour – DNA Repatterning

Come along and join me for this free introductory evening! Join in the guided meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls for deep relaxation. Pick a colour and receive a message! Dee will be giving a brief explanation of DNA Repatterning and how to re claim your power!


Light Language with Sound Aug 25th 12 – 3pm  $ 333.00

Group Past Life Regression Aug 27th 7.30 – 8.45 $ 222.00

Sound is a wave form, like a radio it transmits, allowing us to give and receive messages. In this workshop we will learn about sound, by using simple sounds and tones vocally.  This brings a deep recognition of inner peace aiding self empowerment.  Sound creates symbols and shapes which activates information stored in our aura and dna.  These symbols and shapes are known as light language, which can often sound like ancient dialects from our ancestors.  We will explore these ancient dialects and allow them to come through to communicate with each other.  This is a very deep form of healing, healing traumas and from this life and past lives.  Freeing your energy to connect with your ancient wisdom.  Light Language comes from the Stars! and opens a doorway for channelling Star Beings and Masters

 Group Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Do you ever get De Ja Vous? Come along and join us for this group regression and experience yourself in a previous life.  Often hypnosis is subtle and we wonder if it’s real or not? This is something you need to experience for yourself and allow your conscious mind to connect to these past memories, which will enable to remember more, who you are, and why you are here?  Expanding Consciousness takes time, beginning by listening to your inner voice!  Learn how to trust and believe in yourself and your inner guidance!  Dee is qualified in “Quantum Hypnosis” and trained with Dolores Cannon.

Readings – Clairvoyant Tarot

Dee is a natural Clairvoyant/Medium known internationally for her Inspirational & Accurate Readings, with over 20 years experience as a Clairvoyant Medium, Healer & Shaman.

Dee has a high vibrational energy connecting with the Angels & Ascended Masters, which envelopes you during a session. If you need advice on your life path or to resolve and issue, I am here to help you.  A reading helps to clarify your daily life and open the doorway to create a positive future. I receive clear and direct guidance for you and insights for the future.  As a medium I also receive direct messages form a loved ones.

Open the doorway to your future today! And … allow yourself to live everyday in joy and happiness! The key lies within you; through a personal reading I will help you unlock that door!  Dee combines her clairvoyant gifts by working with the aura-soma tarot connecting with colour, Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the power of numerology.

Dee is the founder of The International School of Vibrational Healing, offering inspirational workshops and teachings in UK, Hong Kong and Australia. 

DNA Repatterning

♥In our sessions together I will support you through the changes that you are making.  This technique has been developed and refined over 20 years.  You will find that I come highly recommended.

♥ The session will be combined with “Life Path Kinesiology” a technique, which enables me to trace the cause of any situation or health condition. I will use the 5 Element Method as used in Acupuncture.  Releasing the blockage from the meridians.

♥ The ‘Root Cause’ or any condition is usually in the past.  We go back in time to that point and release the emotion or mental thought.

♥ This is quite a quick process, sometimes people are aware of a past life; others just have a feeling of deep relaxation.

♥ By holding certain points along the meridians and acupressure points, blockages can be released.

♥ Your body does all the work, you just have to lay there and relax while your body talks to me, we by pass the mind and the emotions which gives me a clear pathway to help you come into balance.

♥ “Most Important Now” is the Repatterning! Based on our session together, I will give you new affirmations! We will lock these into you body and your system.  This will tell your body “Not to act in those old ways.” It is able to by pass the mind and emotions.

♥ FEELING LIKE NEW! Go home and rest or have time for yourself to “Integrate and assimilate” the new energy and information you have received.  This healing will filter through into your life over the next 10 days.

Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks Toning

Sound healing brings deep relaxation allowing you to access other realms. You literally shift frequencies! Excellent for major life changes! Tibetan bowls will be played on and around your body.  Tuning forks act directly on the nervous system restoring balance and alignment.  Tuning forks can also be used on acupressure points to release stuck energy, align the spine and sacrum. You may like to watch my video on Group Sound Healing.

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