Hi all Star Beings and Welcome to my page.

I would like to share with you some info on this most AMAZING PHENOMENUM!  


CROP CIRCLES appear all over the world but here in the County of Wiltshire, UK we are blessed with these Magnificent Appearances of Crop Circles. Over the years they have become more & more complicated being created in 3 Dimensional Sacred Geometry, pictures and symbols which imprints in the depths of the sub-conscious mind!

UFO’s: Along with this phenomenon are of course UFO’s.  I moved to Wiltshire to be here for these events and to connect with the Energies, Star Biengs from all dimensions. I have been visiting the area for over 20 years, but living close by to the crops circles and Avebury the last 4 years has been a truly amazing experience connecting me in consciousness with other dimension and Beings, that cannot be experiences any where else!   During one crop circle season I have visited at least 40 crop circles!  And people ask me what’s it all about? Why is it so amazing? Well you will just have to come and see for yourself!

GHOST: As I am writing this it is just coming to the end of the Crop Circle Season!  The circles begin appearing in Wiltshire in April until approximately the middle of August.  I always feel so sad when the farmer has harvested the last crop circle!  So when is the last circle cut out? That depends on the weather, how ripe the crop is, and when the farmer is ready to harvest, then that wonderful creation disappears… But not completely, often you will see what’s called a ghost in the field after the crop has been cut. You can still see the image of the crop circle.  Often year after year, one will come in the same spot, or at least the same field.

SEE MORE WITH A GUIDE: If you are new to Crop Circles, it’s good to have a guide!  So that’s where I come in! It’s an amazing journey, looking for a Crop Circle; it’s all down to Divine Guidance and Synchronicity!  And or course you need a car, a map? Maybe, but you are really counting on being guided to the right people to tell you where it is, how to find it, and how to get in it?

CROP CIRCLE CODE: We have a crop circle code, some farmers do not like you on their land, so you must follow the tram lines, try to use the same access and exit as other people, respect the farmer and the Sacred Energy of the Circle!

CONNECTED: I have become “In Tune” with the land here! I feel like I am connected by a magnetic grid, and in tune with the “Rhythms of the Mother Earth.”  When I left the UK for one year and went to Australia and Hong Kong to work, I realized how connected I was to the Earth in the UK particularly the Sacred Sites of Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge and surrounding areas.

I have a lot to offer you!  I am a fully developed Being, connected with Mother Earths Sacred Grid, this is part of me, and I know that now, wherever I go.  With me as your guide you will receive this connection too!  Not only can I take you to the Sacred Circles but we will also combine our experience with: Meditation & Ceremony with Crystals, Crystal Skulls, Sound and more…. what ever the Divine Guides us to incorporate for you on your Enlightening Visit!  Just visiting the crop circles is life changing and will show you a new way to move forward into the Golden Age!


If the Crop Circle season has finished (usually April to August), there’s still plenty to do and see here!  Just a 10 min drive from me in Calne is the famous Avebury Stone Circle.  The village of Avebury is in the circle, so you can wander here freely.  Close by is Silbury Hill, West Kennet Longburrow and the Sanctuary.  All part of the Sacred Site here in Wiltshire dating back over 4,000 years!  Just 40 mins drive is Stonehenge, awesome of course! Although you cannot touch the stones these days unless you book private entry, which I can book for you in advance.

To visit these sites is just Amazing in itself!  If you wish to have a truly Magical and Spiritual Experience, then I am the guide for you!  I can take you around the sites, connecting with the earths energies and lay lines, chant some songs and mantras, connect with your ancestors and heal the time line… bringing you into alignment with the Now …… the Present…

One day – two days – or more!  Or just a tour of the sites! Give me a call and see what journey awaits you!

Let us know your experiences at the crop circles!